Worksite Program FAQs

What is a "mentee?"

A "mentee" is an individual who is 16-21 years old who is seeking assistance in obtaining and maintaining a job. The mentee is involved in a relationship with a mentor on the worksite through the MMP program.

What is a "worksite mentor?"

A worksite mentor is someone who provides a young person with support, counsel, friendship, reinforcement, and a constructive example at work. The goal of a mentor is to help their mentee attain his or her potential as a working individual.

Who is eligible for the Worksite Program?

Youth who are in need of support to obtain and maintain a job, live in Greene County, are 16- 21 years old, and have not committed a severe violent act in the past year.

What is the time commitment for the mentee?

Mentees must commit 3-4 hours of initial intake and goal setting, eight hours of Job Readiness classes, one hour resume appointment, quarterly Down Time groups, quarterly goal updates, 30 minutes weekly on the job with his/her mentor, and other appointments with MMP staff as needed.

What is Job Readiness?

Job Readiness is an eight hour class in which youth will learn skills such as how to fill out a job application, how to do well in an interview, how to handle ethical dilemmas at work, and how to be a great employee. Classes are generally offered Tuesday - Friday afternoons on an "as needed" basis. After completion of the class, each youth will schedule an individual appointment to complete a resume.

Do I have to take Job Readiness classes to participate?

If a youth has no job skills training, Job Readiness is required. If a youth has taken job skills classes, he or she may be excused from Job Readiness classes if the training is equivalent to MMP's classes. The Program Coordinator will make the final decision.

Who are MMP's Corporate Partners?

A list of Corporate Partners will be provided to youth during intake and Job Readiness. An updated list is always available at the request of a participant.

What is the time commitment for the mentor?

Mentors are asked to commit 2 hours for the initial interview and training, 30 minutes weekly on the job with his/her mentee and additional time for other mentor support activities when provided.

What are the quarterly Down Time groups?

The quarterly Down Time groups provide a time for youth to come together and discuss job search issues, job stresses and joys and to learn more about becoming a great employee. A guest speaker is usually the highlight of Down Time. The speaker shares his or her journey through the work world and offers advice and support.

What will I gain as a mentee in the MMP program?

As a mentee, you will learn how to be an excellent employee, how to enhance your life skills, and how to deal with the stress of working while pursuing your education. You will also have the opportunity to experience a close relationship with a successful adult and other young adults who are experiencing the transition to adulthood.

What will I gain as a mentor in the MMP program?

As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to invest in the life of a young person, providing guidance and support. You will contribute to the community by being a positive role model to a young person who needs added support while dealing with the stresses and concerns of working, going to school and becoming independent.